Services - Quality Measure

Editing (this means using lots of red pen or tracked changes)
-- substantive editing (rewriting, reordering, querying logic)
-- copy editing (fixing errors in grammar, punctuation, consistency of terminology)
-- plain language editing (editing out passive voice, idiomatic language, jargon; revising formatting for clarity)

Proofreading (catching those nasty typos that can be really embarrassing)
-- formatting and layout (ensuring consistency of fonts, spacing, headers/footers, etc.)
-- typography and punctuation (fixing typos, commas, dashes, quotation marks, etc.)

Creating style sheets (making sure that Thursday's spelling is the same as Monday's spelling)
-- recording style decisions (spelling, capitalization, bullets, boilerplate language, font choice, terminology)
-- using dictionaries, style guides, usage guides to ensure appropriate decisions for style sheets

Giving workshops (trying to get people excited about commas)
-- teaching staff about house style, plain language principles, or basic grammar and punctuation

  • Proofreading
  • QA & QC
  • Pre flight